Here are some photos of our home in upstate New York. Some people are curious about where the dogs live and the puppies come from but are not able to visit. These photos (snowy) were taken right before Christmas 2009. We have three cleared acres surrounded by trees along the sides and back, and a creek at the back of the property. This spring we are going to plant a huge garden and I will post some pics when everything is in bloom. We have an established grape arbor and lots of blackberry and raspberry bushes. We have three apple trees and we planted a few blueberry bushes. 


I love growing vegetables for so many reasons. There is nothing like going out to the garden and planning dinner by what is ready to pick.  Nothing tastes quite like vegetable that you grew yourself, planted from seeds. Zoey specifically has also really enjoyed her time in our gardens. She was quite adept at getting in and picking the grape tomatoes! This year we won't have that problem because the garden is in the front yard. The back has some sun, but is more shady. Nice for us and the dogs. I updated some pics from spring so please take a look. 


Pictures  of our home

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