Here are some links to things that we use and wanted to share with you.

We feed Innova Dog food to our dogs. The puppies eat Innova dry Puppy Food mixed with Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream fish formula. I use the Pacific Stream because of the fish, which is healthy and it is really good for their coats and it is a grain free food. Innova is one of the most nutritious foods available. Many of the problems that dogs have later in life can be attributed to improper nutrition such as skin problems, kidney and liver problems. Not that all problems can be solved with food, but many can be prevented. The dog food industry isn't regulated so what you think is nutritious may not be. Many name brand foods are garbage, but the general public does not know that. If you look up the true meaning some of the ingredients, you will never look at dog food the same again. Innova uses only hormone free, human quality meat as well as fruits and veggies. Dogs are omnivores, so they need a variety of ingredients in their diets, and Innova provides that. 

We do many other things for our dogs but this food is a good start for you. I have no doubt that what we do works and provides our dogs with the best nutrition. In addition to the dog food I feed my dogs raw vegetables. I will give them baby carrots like treats and they love them. I also give them raw broccoli starting from the time they are puppies. These veggies provide antioxidants and lots of good vitamins just like they would for us. Sweet potatoes (cooked) are also a favorite. I also mix some olive oil and ground flax seed in with their dog food every single day. If it is healthy for us then it is healthy for them. 

If you are skeptical at all I will share my experience. If you read my about us page, you know I raised Bernese Mountain Dogs. Berners have a very short natural lifespan. usually 7-8 years, but many go sooner as early as 4-5 years. They have many health problems and cancer is rampant in the breed. I got my dogs from the healthiest I could find to start. Most in their lines lived to be 8 and in one or two cases 9. The things I do for my Tibetans, I started doing with them. I wanted them to live as long as possible, and to be healthy and hoped for at least an extra year or two, but never imagined the wonderful results. We have one girl still with us and doing well at 10 years plus. We lost the last one at 13 years of age. She was healthy and still played and ran and jumped and was her goofy Berner self until the last 5-6 months of her life.  I don't know if it was any thing in particular, the result speaks for itself. 

You can read about Innova on their website. It also has something where you can locate a retailer that sells it near you. If you adopt one of our puppies then you will need to purchase some of this before you bring your new addition home.

Innova Dog Food Info and Store Locator


There are also other things nutritionally that we do with our dogs. We feed them only natural treats, and cookies and Wellness is the brand we prefer. They also have a dog food which is good, but we don't feed the dog food as I don't find it to have all of the things I am looking for in a food. I do keep a cookie jar full of their cookies and use the training treats. 

Natural training treats and cookies


A wonderful product that we give all of our dogs are "Greenies". It is great product and does exactly what they say it does. Wonderful for dental hygiene and does not stain. Many imitations are being made and they look alike. If it isn't Greenies brand then it isn't the same. 



I will give you complete instructions about grooming your new puppy, but here is a link to the coat products we use. We use the shampoo, conditioner and anti-static spray. With a Tibetan coat it is good to use a grooming spray when you comb or brush and this is my favorite. I have used many products over the years, but always came back to this one, so I don't bother with any others now. You know the old saying, "If it aint broke, don't fix it". It was never broken, but just in case there was something better I kept trying. There never was so I wasted a lot of money on junk. This smells soooo good too. When it is raining and my dogs go outside they don't come in smelling like wet dog, they smell like Vellus, which is really nice. The shampoo and conditioner are concentrated, so a small bottle makes almost 10 times the amount of shampoo. You can either get their mixing bottle, or you can get a $1 empty plastic bottle at a beauty supply store and use a measuring cup to mix the proper ratio. 


Another product line I really like is Isle Of Dogs. I love the way it smells and makes the hair feel. For some coats I like it better than others. The puppy evening primrose shampoo is divine. The detangler works wonders also. They are a bit pricey, but they do have lots of products, some less than others. I used this mostly on my puppies and the heavy management conditioner for the adults with longer thicker coats. If youbuy them from, you can often get online coupons. Sign up for their mailing list and they email you codes, generally 10-15% off purchase. They have some fabulous products, so just try some and stick with what you like. Products with lanolin tend to attract dirt and make the coat dirtier faster, so be aware of that.

Some of the best toys are Kong toys. They are great, safe and stimulating for your dog. I do not recommend getting the squeezy junk to go inside. You can put your own healthy treats, or a little peanut butter.

I put some of my dogs hair up in pony tails because I don't usually like cutting their hair, but some have really thick bangs, so I will pull them back. I also have seasonal bows and cute things like that. I love the bands that this company sells. They are coated so they will not tear the hair like regular bands. You can call them and they will help you pick the appropriate size for your dog. I like the removal scissors too. Never put regular bands in your dogs hair, and always redo the pony tail every two days. This company also sells leashes, but understand that they are show leads, not regular leashes and do not work the same. (Click on the drawing of the dogs on the top of the page to enter the site)

 Color Coordinated Canine- Lainee Limited


"How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With" by Clarice Rutherford and David H. Neil. This is the very best training book I can recommend. It not only tells you what to do it tells you why. It tells you what to reasonably expect at what age. It tells you how to break a bad habit after one starts. So much of what I will tell you about training will be in this book. You must use positive training methods and the techniques in this book are easy and they really work.  You can order it from  or Barnes & Noble It doesn't matter if you have nevr had a dog or have had dogs all of your life, this book will be beneficial for you. 

I do not have affiliations with any of these companies, nor am I a distributor. I just like the products and believe in them, so I am sharing that with you.



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