Our Tibetans

When I was trying to figure out how to describe these dogs I looked at the standard breed descriptions that everyone seems to have posted and that didn't really do it for me. I read lots of things about this breed and to be quite honest, I don't understand some of it. I wonder if some of the people writing the descriptions have ever met a Tibetan Terrier because they seem so off on their qualities. Some other breeders seem to have a distaste for them (at least that is how their websites read) which makes me wonder why they breed them in the first place. I read on one show breeder's website that her dogs come to her only when they want something. I wonder if that was how they were raised because that couldn't be further from the personality of the Tibetans I share my life with. I don't know about their dogs, but I would love to tell you about mine. 

My Tibetans are happy 24/7. they are not standoffish with anyone and will come to any person that comes into my home. They love attention and they love to meet and greet. They meet each person as a long lost friend that they are happy to see. They LOVE to snuggle and will come and lay in my lap on their back so I can rub their tummies. They are very demostrative and give tons of kisses. They love to go for car rides. 

I have one that got wise to drive thru windows. She started going with me every day to take my son to school. I would sometimes stop for my morning cup of coffee at Dunkin Dounuts. If you go through the drive thru with a dog, they will give your dog a plain munchkin (or donut hole for those who don't know what that is). She asks to go every time I leave in the morning now. The first time I went through the drive thru window at the bank, she was very confused and wondered where her treat was. She jumped in my lap and stuck her head out the window. I guess she thought they didn't see her, so she needed to make sure they did. 

My Tibetans love children and are very gentle with little ones. My cousin came to visit with her 19 month old and I wasn't sure how they would react, never having seen a toddler before. They were very curious about him, and were very gentle. They would give him kisses, but very softly. They understood their size in relation to his.

We have absolutely no guarding instict at all here. When the doorbell rings, they usually don't bark, but they can't wait to see who is coming in that they might need to give a big smooch to. I have heard of some of them guarding, but not one of mine has the slightest bit of that. Not that yours wouldn't, but I haven't seen it in my guys. Happy go lucky and friend to all are the best ways I can describe them. 

I have an amendment to the paragraph above that I will explain. I have a very long hall that goes from one part of the house all the way to the garage. My family comes in the back door which is on the other side of the house from the living room. We cannot usually hear when someone comes in the back if we are in the other part of the house or downstairs. If someone comes in the back door after dark, and there isn't a light on, Bodhi will let us know by barking. As soon as he confirms it is one of the family he will greet them appropriately, but he does alert us now, and sounds like he means it when he barks. Other than that, he is quiet. He only does this at night when he cannot see who came in the door. 

One of them does remind me of a very sweet miscehivious child. She will get something she isn't supposed ot have, but will bring it to me as if to say " I took it, but look how good I am for giving it back, now love me! :)". She adores me and cannot stand knowing I am somewhere in the house without her. I did some agility with her, which taught her that she could easily jump a baby gate. Obviously if there was a baby gate between myself and her, she just knows it was an accident, so it is her duty to jump it and to come and find me. The other two girls are as good as gold and couldn't be any sweeter. If I am on the computer they are on my feet and if I am on the couch they are beside me. They will share their affection with whoever may happen to be sitting down too. The worst they ever do is get in your spot on the couch if you get up for a minute. 

These dogs are not a breed to consider getting if you don't want an interactive member of the family. They are smart, sweet affectionate, comical and playful. The get along well with other animals. They are gentle with kids and love to play so they are perfect with all members of the household. They are unique and are treasured members of my family and hopefully one day you will have one to share your life with. 






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